Privacy Policy
2023-11-29 18:57
General Information
Provide the name of the legal entity or body/unit owning the service. This field is mandatory because the policy must be bound to an entity.
Check this field if the name of the owning institution requires the use of a definite article. It is not used before a proper name, company name or acronym pronounced as a single word. If the name begins with ‘University’, you must use it.
Legal obligation
Legitimate interest
Check all that apply.
National legislation
Check all that apply.
Data Collection
Main service
Data from identity providers
Web analytics
Feedback form
Services in subdomains
Third-party services
Check all that apply. Specify any services that collect personal data.
Required for service operation
Service operation or usage monitoring
Technical support
Enhancement of service experience
Service usage statistics
Check all that apply. Specify all applicable reasons for service/website collection of personal data.
Indicate the country of external processor (e.g., cloud provider), if any
Specify cases when personal data may be shared.
In some cases, it may be necessary to transfer personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). By choosing this option, you warrant that this will be done in line with relevant legal and technical data protection regulations.
Data erasure may have negative consequences on service functionality.
Children younger than indicated are prohibited from using the service.
DPO Contact
Contact on behalf of the service owner for questions regarding personal data, privacy and exercise data subject rights (GDPR Data Protection Officer)
Name or the DPO position title in the local language.
Supervisor Contact
Supervisory authority address and contact
Assumed as the country of the service in terms of legal jurisdiction.
Policy Updates
Check if you plan to send policy update notifications to registered users.
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